I’m gonna start this blog with announcing my age. I say “announcing” as opposed to revealing because I want to share my personal transformation with you. Telling you my age up front is my way of letting you know how proud I am of being old! How’s that for a shocker?

I’m 75, and, instead of hiding it, I want to shout it from the rooftops. Why would I be so stupid when in America the very thought of a Senior Slut is not only ridiculous, but repulsive!

Yes. Believe it or not, I love being old. But I didn’t always feel that way. In fact, I despised it. I was obsessed and terrified that time would take away everything that made life worthwhile. Being vibrantly active – swimming, dancing, working out, making love – were delicious endeavors that defined me and made me happy.

Who wouldn’t be frightened that aging would take all that away?

Divorced, and menopausal after a 25 year marriage, I faced a crisis. Was I doomed to become an old hag? Would sexuality and beauty inevitably be denied me?

That terror, instead of discouraging me, set me on a course of discovering a style of aging that would insure that I would remain youthful, beautiful and sexual for my entire life.

Quite a challenge, wouldn’t ya say? Well, what happened was amazing.


At 73, I modeled in a gold bathing suit for a Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign for VOGUE, Harper’s, Vanity Fair and W. Steven Klein, the photographer, placed me next to a 20 something hunk, and told him to look longingly at me, which he did.

From then on, I became known as the Quintessential Cougar. When The Learning Channel was seeking a sexy older woman who slept with younger men to star in their series, “Strange Sex: Cougars and Cubs”… they chose me!

Now, I walk through the streets of New York, dressed in my gorgeous, wild outfits. People take my photograph, tell me they saw me on TV, and say I’m their inspiration. It’s thrilling for me, in my 70’s, to know I’m inspiring people.

But I’m mostly thrilled when they greet me with “Lady GaGa” to which I proudly reply, “Old Lady GaGa!”

Youth and Age…a great combination!

I applaud her courage, and am inspired by her.