Many women complain when they see older men going out with girls young enough to be their daughters. Some are even angry that so many successful men choose to shed their wives after long marriages and pick up with a trophy wife or “arm candy” girlfriend. No one scoffs at an older man for dating a much younger woman. But just let the reverse happen and the woman is scorned for robbing the cradle.

Considering my 20-year history dating much younger men, I’d be a hypocrite if I joined them in criticizing these older men for their choices. It’s just that I want older women to be given the same acceptance and respect these guys get.

Other women around my age agree. They feel insulted by how negatively our culture views them – especially where romance and sex are concerned. The idea that a mature woman can be sexually desirable is anywhere from unacceptable to repulsive. Even though history abounds with legends of sexually active older women, stories that depict mature women in a favorable light are rare in today’s world.

And what about all those TV and magazine ads that keep reinforcing the idea that young bodies are the only ones worthy of a man’s desire. I say it’s time we drop those destructive stereotypes, and go after what we truly desire, no matter what society dictates.

Recently the title “Cougar” has become a popular description for older women who sleep with younger men. That name describes a beast of prey, however that’s not what’s really happening. Actually, it’s the young guys (dubbed “cubs”) that do the pursuing. Quite a turnabout, wouldn’t you say?

And, let me tell you that if anything can boost a woman’s ego, it’s being desired and appreciated by a young man… or several!

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