Productive Monday?

I decided that I was going to have a productive Monday. I had a relaxing weekend and was all powered up with things to do. My mind was racing with new ideas. They say that Mondays are never productive so I thought I would go against the grain.

First, the computer was doing that thing it does. My needed programs for my business would not load up. This happens occasionally for unknown reasons. I had to restart four times. Every reboot took 10 minutes from my time Ok do not get frustrated I thought just keep moving forward, I told myself.

Of course, it is Monday and an employee was late. Her daughter would not get out of bed. Nor did she want to get dressed yada, yada, yada.

After I got the employee’s out the door, I tried to balance our checking accounts. I had a discrepancy of $129.47 that I could not find. I went back a whole week and did not find it. Now, keep in mind I reconcile at least daily. That has taken 2 hours of my time still do not know the discrepancy.

My Retired husband kept coming over every 30 min asking me what I am doing. Did I figure out the checking account yet? I also had to listen to his obsession about where a missing stepladder went to and who drove what car what day.

Then, I took the dog for her walk; she was overly obsessed with smells on the ground. I suppose after all it is trash day. Everybody’s smells are all over the road. A couple of times I literally had to drag her.

When I got back to the office, I kept getting new E-mails that I need to address right away. I suppose that maybe others are trying to have a productive Monday. After all, I had a bunch of e-mails to send out. Which I did, yet I have not gotten my responses back yet. I need to be more forceful (note to self).

The phone kept ringing. People wanted to schedule or reschedule. This usual happens on Mondays, but it is time consuming. Wait a minute I should put that down as a productive activity. I have one. There it is! I have one accomplishment. Yah!!!!

OK It is now almost noon and I feel as if I have accomplished nothing. I quickly straightened up my desk and vacuumed the floor. There I have two accomplishments today.

The Decision about what to have for dinner took 20 min. In addition, at noon, I had to stop everything and make a berry pie I had promised to make today. After all, It is the C.O. favorite pie, I am sure he wanted to have it with his lunch and I was slacking.

Thank goodness, that productive Tuesday is coming soon. I do not think I can take any more of this lets make Monday productive day. It is more like how much more can irritate me Monday day.

It is now 1:25pm and I decided to have lunch. I usually eat my lunch at noon but I was baking a pie! I decided to have junk food because I needed it. I had tortilla chips and cheese. And a pop! Cause I needed it. Special note to all of you out there. I bought Velveeta sharp cheddar cheese in the block instead of American cheese in a block. The Velveeta was cheaper. I am sure it is for a reason (as it is not real cheese). Not the same (it is crap). The cheese does not even grate up it just slimes allover. I went ahead and used it any ways. I like real food, which is why I buy American cheese. I know it is not real cheese either. It is close enough for when you want and need junk food.

So, it is now 2:45pm and I have the employees out to work. I Handled customers on the phone. I walked the dog. I baked a pie. I figured out where the ladder went. I took care of all my e-mails. I straightened up my desk and vacuumed the floor. I decided what to have for dinner and have it in the oven. I still have not figured out where my $129.47 discrepancy is.  Maybe I will accomplish this on productive Tuesday.