Do you cringe every time you walk into your home office?  An disorganized space will stifle your productivity, cause anxiety, stress and the feeling of overwhelm which usually overflow into other areas of your home.

Start by deciding to make it a priority to organize your home office.  Nothing will happen until something happens and that requires you taking action immediately.  Make your home office organization a priority for your week.  It doesn’t have to be done all at one time – start by carving out time on your calendar to work on your home office.

Estimating how much time it will take to organize your home office can be tricky.  Typically, it will take longer than anticipated – especially if you have procrastinated for quite a while.  If the biggest part of your home office disorganization is your paperwork, it will typically take a larger amount of time to get your home office organized.  Paperwork is extremely time-consuming.  Mail that has been left unopened, junk mail that needs to be shredded and just an abundance of paperwork that “I need to read later” I recommend that you consider incorporating the organization of your filing system if you are elbow deep in your paperwork.

The first step to keeping your home office organized (or any space for that matter) is to have a process and system that you follow.  Have a specific home set aside for your paperwork.  For example, open your mail in the same place every day – and use a shredder immediately for those items that don’t need to be kept.  Have your filing system set up and use it every day and you will greatly reduce your daily frustration rating.

Next, carve out some time on your calendar to look at how you operate your business.  Do you have scheduled time in your home office or do you just dump everything into your office and say I’ll get back to it later.  As with anything and everything else in life, nothing will get done if you don’t do it!  Sitting back and waiting for it to magically happen will only allow things to pile up more and more.  An organized office allows you to organize other parts of your business.  What could you accomplish in the hour (or more) that you are spending every day looking for a piece of paperwork?  How many more bids or proposals would you win if you could get them turned in within 24 hours?  Being on top of your game is important as a business owner and the organization of your home office will help you reach your goals and dreams.

So decide how important it is to you to organize your home office.  Make it a top priority.  Give yourself and your business permission to succeed by making the decision today to get organized.  Whether you have been in business one month or ten years – an organized home office will increase your productivity, allow you to make more money and create happiness!

Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct