We have over 60,000 thoughts traveling through our mind every single day, and thinking about having to control all of them may seem quite overwhelming.  One way to discern your way through your thoughts is to reach for the one that feels better and hold it.

As you practice this, you will discover that as you hold the better feeling thought, within a few moments another similar thought will come into your mind, allowing you to reach and find balance throughout the day.

For Example:

Which thought feels better?

Your happiness depends on what others think about you.


You have total control over how you feel, regardless of what anyone else is thinking, saying or doing.

One of these thoughts leaves you feeling powerless, and one gives you the feeling of being empowered and in control of your life.

Your inner guidance system has provided you with the indicators of Emotions, which let you know when you are on track with the life you want to live.  When you are experiencing negative emotion and feeling bad you are off track.  Take a minute to re-align with your inner Guidance system and return to the highlighted route on the road to your dreams.  You do this by reaching for the better feeling thought.

This inner GPS is standard operating equipment in all of us, but most people are unaware of this outstanding feature and therefore never learn how to use it to guide them to where they are going.

As with everything I share, I recommend that you try this for yourself. Practice it throughout the day and feel your vibration move with deliberate precision.  I welcome you to share your experiences and your breakthroughs as you travel with me on the leading edge of thought.

This power is already yours, and so is the choice to align with it. It is possible for you to feel your way to success, and you can begin right now.


Stephanie Kathan

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