Lately the rapids of my creative waters have softened…
That wonderful body of imagination that usually overflows and feels as though it may drown me in a wealth of words and concepts has become more of a creek… gently flowing through my mind, every so often brushing my thoughts.

Sounds pleasant?  It’s not.

Even though a few months back you may have heard me cry out “Cirque du Soleil has nothing on the (colorful contortions) of my brain!”… and sigh dramatically wishing my thoughts could have a reprieve from the tidal wave of  my creative ocean, I now find myself parched, craving the rushing of stimulation to overtake my mind.  I miss the adrenaline of creative concepts that used to push the boundaries of my thoughts to new heights and even invade those “down moments” where I was taking time to unwind.

I realized something.  I’m a creative junkie.  I need it. I miss it.  I crave it.

I want to ride the waves of the creative ocean, and this time I’ve carved out a mental surf board to tackle the big ones and emerge glistening with new ideas, grinning from the pure bliss of my mind being expanded.

First, however I must perform a bit of mind magic and transform that creek back into a never ending body of water.  I will:

1) take time to detox my mind from clutter.  Enjoying a reprieve from mind litter:  TVs, magazines, things that only fill space and don’t inspire.

2) spend time reconnecting back into my creative source.  Going for a walk, dancing, drawing… anything that connects me back into myself and allows for creativity to flow inwards.

3) expand my creativity channel.  Meditating on the colors that currently feel creative to me, inhaling them up through my system and into my belly, exhaling out to allow them to expand.  Continuing this process until it feels that the “water of originality” is flowing once again.

4) express freely.  Giving myself permission to just create and flow no matter what comes out purely for the bliss of it.  Breathing creative beauty and passion into each action and not judging the results.

5) thank myself.  Appreciating myself for going through this process, I will respect my creative source and realize that no matter how big that ocean gets, it is a part of me and will never drown me.

If you too find yourself standing on a dried up river bed that used to flow with creative thoughts, try the above and be ready for a wonderful rushing of new inspirations to embrace your system.

Much Love,

Alessandra Sagredo