Stop Missing Appointments

Using a calendar is the easiest way to stop missing appointments and stay organized. Relying on our memory isn’t the answer to your scheduling Planner Pad.comissues.

Stop missing appointments! Use a calendar system to stay organized – and stay on track. I have worked with so many business owners who “think” that they can remember everything in their head – without writing it down or putting it into their phone. This goes for stay at home moms as well.

It is really easy to find yourself saying “yes” to everything, especially during the holiday season. Your child’s school needs cookies for the bake sale, your spouse’s office party requires you to bring a gift for the gift exchange…your business network is having their Holiday party and you need food and/or a gift. Then there is the shopping to do and, don’t forget about life!

Missing appointments causes stress and anxiety. It can also be the beginning of a downward spiral of finding your organization skills slipping and the development of chaos. Take this simple step – use a Calendar system.

I have been using the Planner Pad for years. This year I have thought about switching to the Levenger System. I love the Levenger system for taking notes with clients, meeting notes and to keep all of my information separated and sorted. I have decided, however, to stick to the Planner Pad system for my calendar. Why? Because it works for my personality.

The price of paper calendars is high…literally. You can spend over $50 for a calendar – that you may (or may not) use! I’m not an advocate of wasting money so let’s look at some of the important features that you should consider when choosing a paper calendar.

  1. If you schedule appointments, use a calendar with time slots available. Mine have time slots available from 7:00 am – 9:00 pm. What it doesn’t have is half-hour time slots. That is one of the adjustments that I have to make myself
  2. Do you need a place for notes about that appointment? Maybe it is that you will need to call and confirm your appointment ahead of time. Where will you write down the phone number so that you can find it when you need it? I know what you are thinking…I’ll put the number in my phone. But, how are you going to remember to make the call?  There are 2 options to consider…your calendar should have a place to make the note. Or, better yet, put it into your MobilLogic account and a reminder can  be sent to you automatically (this is the best option for me).
  3. What size paper calendar system do you need? I chose the 8 x 11 size – I’m over 50 and have trouble reading small print.

And…of course, you can use Google, Outlook, Yahoo, Cozi and a multitude of other electronic calendars that will allow you to color-code all of your appointments (if that is your personality) as well as sync with your iphone or android devices.

My point is this…whatever calendar system you chose to use – make sure that it works for you! You don’t have to follow the trend. Do what works best for you and stick to it!

One last piece of advice is to put everything on one calendar. Mix family, personal and business appointments on your calendar – again, you can color-code them if you’d like. Using a calendar consistently will help you make sure that you:

  1. Arrive on time
  2. Are prepared for every appointment
  3. Avoid paying fees for missed appointments
  4. Don’t overbook yourself
  5. Keep your sanity! It is an awful feeling when you miss an appointment.

Feel free to share the type of calendar that you use and how it helps keep you organized!

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct