Let’s play a game

No one else will understand.

Where I am your prize instead of your “whore”.

Such a beautiful disaster that

None could ever see.

A hollow existence of things

That will never be allowed.

‘Bid my dreams and

‘Bid my life.

Rid me of everything that

You don’t think will suffice.

You are my master

And I am your slave.

Please let me die quicker

Send me to my grave.

So many lies

So many smiles

Nobody guesses

I’ve been running for miles.

I know now

No place can promise to keep me safe.

So please let me go

I beg you to not make me stay.

Another day ends

A loose blade hits the floor.

Maybe if I make myself ugly

I don’t have to be a whore.

200 scars later

there’s nothing left I can do.

You can say that you loved me

But I never loved you.

Love isn’t controlling

It cares and doesn’t tear apart.

It doesn’t have to be forced

It comes from your heart.

I am a person

I’m not owned by anyone but me.