The FAB Barb Jungr

This first half of this weeks’ show is vintage Colin Lively – pure entertainment, with star of British television and the international stage, singer, songwriter, composer and writer, Barb Jungr! Barb has wowed audiences for more than 30 years with her incredibly diverse song stylings that range anywhere from vintage cabaret in the stylings of the classic French chansons, to her amazing homage to Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley. Barb has recorded a dozen solo albums in addition to co-writing and performing on more than 20 more. She’s smart, she’s funny and she’s HERE to grace my show with her amazing talent before she takes off for Europe again. Barb is just delightful and you’re going to love her as much as I do.  I’ve included a YouTube video of Barb below where she’s singing a Bruce Springsteen song that I never, in a million years could have imagined a woman singing – and yet she pulls it off splendidly and with the Barb Jungr style that has made her an international sensation.

The second half of this weeks’ show is a departure for me. I’ve spent my time here on Here Women Talk encouraging everyone to live life to the fullest and never look back. Truth is, I’m not getting any younger and I’ve often wondered what the end of my life would be like. It’s true. I’ve feared the end and worried about it more than just a little. That changed for me somewhat when a friend of mine was in the process of losing a loved one. Yes, like life, death is a process. He told me hospice was coming. The very mention of hospice conjured these horrible images for me and I told him so. What he shared with me about hospice and all they had done, not only for the dying, but for the surviving family was life-changing. I realized I had completely misunderstood the whole purpose of hospice.

Christina Lufkin

Then I was introduced to a Here Women Talk member by the name of Christina Lufkin. Chris not only spent a good many years as a hospice volunteer, she wrote a book called Live with Purpose: Die with Dignity. I liked it so much because Chris writes in an easy to read, conversational style that brings you right into the room with her as she brings comfort to her patients. What was most incredible though, and life-changing for me, was her description of a particular patient – Mr. Peterson. Mr. Peterson was an African-American man in his late 80’s who, in the 3-1/2 months that remained of his life, changed Christina forever, and changed the way I look at death. More importantly, it confirmed what I’ve always known: we’re on this earth for a very short time and it’s up to us to make the most of it! But don’t worry – it’s not a somber conversation for me anymore. It’s about celebrating our life every moment. And THAT’S what The Colin Lively Show has always been about. Sometimes, it just takes the Christina Lufkins of the world to offer a gentle reminder. This is a conversation you just can’t miss!

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