Now that Gadhafi, Bin Laden and Saddam are dead, I would like to add people who put viruses into your computer on the shoot to kill list. I would gladly give them their last cigarette. I have two computers with all writings and artwork in for virus cleansing and deluxe exorcism. I am writing on my laptop and because I have long fingers, I keep hitting the caps lock key. It really makes it fun to type knowing that my spell check will be mocking me and it takes me five minutes to get through ONE SENTENCE. I just don’t have the strength to fix thAt.

I posted a version of the opening paragraph on Facebook the other day and I got this comment from someone who does not SHare my political views: But…but…but — you’re a peacenik, peace-loving, give-everyone-a-hug Liberal! Well, you know the old saying, “A Conservative is a Liberal who’s been mugged.”

And since I am in a ranting, pissy, I am going to set my hair on fire kind of mood I got to say that what I said had nada to do with politics.  It has to do with bad people who live in the parents’ basement after the age of 40, who never dated and who rarely shower. They sit in their lair and dream about dating some starlet while corrupting other people’s computer. I bet some of them might even vote… for the best recipes using road kill.

I think, no, I know I can keep all MY liberal and compassionate leanings and still want to gather the townspeople to run these virus vampires out of town…or at least out of my hard drive.

So while I Wanted to write abouT important issues: the Occupy Wall Street movement, my session with a terrific medIUM and what gets on my last nerve, I have to sit around and wAit for my computer guru to take everything out and reinstall all my programs again. Twice. It makes a God fearing woman want to drink and when I meet one, I will tell her that wine in a box is the way to go. It doesn’t hurt as much when you  drop it on your drunken foot. Or so I have heaRD.

This is why I was been a NO SHow on line. It’s because someone else needs to find a new hobby and until he/she does some of us have got to figure out what life is like without a computer.

I think I might read a book today, do some drawings, maybe meditate, give myself a facial, go for a bike ride or let my annoyances just fade away and know that in a day or two, I will be asking the guy who sold me a smart phone how the hell to use it.

Not  that Steve Jobs has nothing better to do, but did my crack about not owning a Mac have anything to do with my computers going bad?

End of rant. I just uncovered my dark chocolate stash. It will help with the pain.

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