Howard Samuel Bittner aka Cerebral Sam

What a crazy guest I had on my October 14th show — Cerebral Sam, Cleveland’s (self-anointed) top stand-up comedian. During the breaks he was even crazier. He was talking to himself. Dustin, my producer, was laughing uncontrollably. Too bad the listeners couldn’t have heard those moments. Especially Dustin. He was funnier than Cerebral Sam. Even his baby was laughing, but I am sure he was mimicking Dustin.

Producer Dustin Gilder & His Son

And it is also the first time I ever interviewed myself. I am so happy Hildamae has moved on to God’s heavenly choir (although I don’t believe in God, at least for now when all is going well). She would be mortified. Being a White Anglo Saxon Protestant, she believed in sweeping Dirty Little Secrets under the Aubussons.

If you missed the live show, you can listen anytime at this link.