“So closes the curtain on the worst show in radio history, although it is not without its chuckles that the lights go dim on this train wreck”

– Cindy McFello, The TransAmerican Review Post Express

Nora flew into a murderous rage after being betrayed by all but her loyal companion and sole beneficiary of her estate, Max von Schtick; she fired gun shots onto the stage, killing her three nemeses, one of which was the most Beautiful woman in the world, Ashley Madison. The bodies are not yet cold, and the rumors are stirring about how they will preserve the adonis that once hung on the lips of every married man in America.

With blood dripping from her designer hacksaw, Nora Redmond sits upon the stage at Lincoln Center looking dazed and emotionless. Her eyes are glossed over like the morning dew on a car’s windshield. Her gaze is transfixed seemingly on nothing at all, yet she remains upright. The blood from the three bodies that lie next to her is pooling around her, soaking up into her pure white Alexander McQueen dress. Surly Blood Stained Pink will be the next it color for next spring, all trends start here at Fashion Week in New York City… no matter their origin.

Tootsie Gilbert is live on the scene for Fashion Faux Pas TV, and she eagerly managed her way through the barricades built by Mr. von Schtick in order to capture the tragedy that remains on the stage.

As the sirens grow louder with each second, we sail towards the final curtain on Sheepshead Bay Boulevard…