Hello Friends!!!

We are so excited to tell you about our upcoming show this Friday, November 11, 2011 at 11AM EST!  In honor of Veterans Day, we welcome champions bringing yoga, educational services, and effective methods of treating PTSD to veterans: Suzanne Manafort, Board member of the Give Back Yoga Foundation, and Dr. Daniel J. Libby of the Veterans Yoga Project. We also welcome #WIMG come-back guest HawaH, (below) creator of the Poetry of Yoga Project and shepherd of poetic voices within the yoga community and beyond, on his global book launch featuring a poem by our very own Jessica Durivage.

If  you would like to join us, please feel free to call anytime between 11 am – 12 om EST / 8 am – 9 am PST / 9 am – 10 am MST on Friday, November 11 at the below contact information:

Listen online: www.zeusradio.com/player/hwt/

Call in to appear live on the show: 877-500-ZEUS (9387)

Listen in by phone: 917-388-4642

Chat: www.herewomentalksocial.com

“Our bodies, clay pots are thrown with each breath,
glazed with each movement, ready as the heat rises,
we glisten with each new firing,
as our vessels’ impurities bead and drop,
we leave, we grow into
good enough mothers,
compassionate enough fathers,
smart enough sisters and strong enough brothers.” Ethos by Elizabeth Haist from The Poetry Of Yoga


This article was lovingly assembled and transcribed by #WIMG’s Incredible Intern, Social Media Maven, and Radio Broadcast Expert Jennifer Cusano. Check out more of Jenn’s exceptionally skillful work and wordsmithery on Here Women Talk, elephant journal, and LinkedIn.