Producer/Director, Maria White

When you hear of a movie called “The Debutante Hunters“, one might think it’s a documentary about someone on a quest to find debutantes.  Not so fast!  Producer/Director, Maria White, in her Sundance Film Festival winning documentary, (she won the Audience Award) tells the story of five true ‘Southern Belles” who shed their pumps and trade them in for hunting boots in this tale about women who enjoy the thrill of hunting wild game.

"The Debutante Hunters"

These ladies talk about conservation, communing with nature and the generational bond they feel with their family members in enjoying the sport.  It’s twelve minutes and thirty-eight seconds long and truly embodies the spirit of hunting from a uniquely feminine perspective.  You can watch the entire film here.  *On a personal note, both Carol and Vicki come from hunting families, hunt to this day and felt an immediate bond with the stars of this fine film.  You’ll get to meet Maria White and we’ll be joined by three of the stars of the film, Kristy, Susan and Sara.  We understand the film is currently in development as a series and we’ll ask Maria about that.

Also on BROADSIDED, we couldn’t let the current events with regard to women’s health issues go by and not address them.  Talking with us on birth control and the “transvaginal probe” required by the Virginia legislature prior to obtaining an abortion, will be Jessica Arons.  Jessica is the Director of the Women’s Health and Rights Program at American Progress and a member of the Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative. Prior to joining American Progress, she worked at the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project, the labor and employment law firm of James & Hoffman, the Supreme Court of Virginia, the White House, and the 1996 Pennsylvania Democratic Coordinated Campaign. She currently serves on the boards of the Virginia ACLU and is a former board member of the D.C. Abortion Fund.

Jessica Arons

Jessica is an honors graduate of Brown University and William and Mary School of Law. At William and Mary, Jessica was an associate editor of the William and Mary Law Review, managing editor of the William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law, and a board member of the William and Mary Public Service Fund. She has been seen on MSNBC, Fox News, and “ABC News;” heard on NPR and Clear Channel radio; and featured in The Baltimore Sun, The NationPoliticoSlate magazine, The Huffington Post, ScienceProgress, and RHRealityCheck. Her publications include “More Than a Choice: A Progressive Vision for Reproductive Health and Rights” and “Future Choices: Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the Law.”

Since most of our listeners are members of the “Vagina Havers Club“, this is a show that could have a direct impact on YOU or a woman you love!  Join us!

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