Attorney and Computer/Cell phone forensics expert  Steve Abrams will be with us to talk about safely using your computer and cell phone.  How do we keep our information safe from spyware?  How do we keep from transmitting our gps location via pictures we take with our cell phones?  How might we know if someone is tracking our location via our phones?  Steve will also discuss the recent Supreme Court decision on law enforcement using GPS without a warrant.  Information from Steve could keep your stuff private or maybe even save your life.

Rounding out the hour will be Miriam Gerace, spokesperson for S.A.F.E., an organization dedicated to changing the death penalty laws in California. The SAFE California Act will replace California’s death penalty with a sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole as the maximum punishment for murder. This means convicted killers will remain behind bars forever – with no risk of executing an innocent person. They also address other facets of the death penalty:

Savings: Many people think that the death penalty is cheaper than life without parole. That is just not true. California taxpayers will save well over $100 million every year without releasing a single prisoner.

Accountability: Convicted killers will be held accountable and pay for their crimes. SAFE California requires persons convicted of murder to work and pay restitution into a victim’s compensation fund.

Full Enforcement: The SAFE California Fund* takes $30 million a year for three years in budget savings and puts it into the investigation of unsolved rape and murder cases. Our limited law enforcement dollars should be used to solve more crimes, to get more criminals off our streets, and to protect our families.

*Money for the SAFE California Fund comes directly from closing three state agencies that currently handle expensive and extensive appeals for death penalty cases. The SAFE California Fund gives a temporary boost to local law enforcement budgets at a time of severe budget shortfalls.

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