Katie Goodman

As unafraid as we tend to be on BROADSIDED about saying much of anything, we feel, in the interest of full-disclosure, that this week’s show is guaranteed to be EXPLICIT – so it’s not for the faint of heart.

That said, we are excited, delighted and anxiously anticipating our one and only guest this week, Katie Goodman.  Katie is a singer, songwriter, comedienne, actress and well, just one of the gals.  As a founding member of the comedy troupe, “Broad Comedy”, Katie’s fearlessness appealed to us.  She sings like we talk – uncensored.

So we’re taking a break from our usual serious fare and throwing ourselves into Katie’s world where we’ll talk about ‘These are the things I can’t f*****g remember’, ‘Glenn Beck is batsh*t crazy’, and what every survivalist woman in Montana would have in her foxhole – tampons. (though we’ve never referred to a woman’s Va-Jay-Jay as a foxhole before).  See Katie?  Three can play at that game!

We do hope you’ll join us for some fabulous, irreverent fun this week on BROADSIDED!

And as a little teaser… take a look at Katie’s YouTube video, “Saving my Hymen for Jesus”…


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