UCLA Law Professor, Adam Winkler

The Trayvon Martin case has been dominating the news for the past several weeks while the gun debate rages on.  George Zimmerman, a self-appointed Neighborhood Watch captain, shot and killed an unarmed teen, claiming the teen attacked him, unprovoked and fearing for his life, he availed himself of the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law.  One week ago, a Special Prosecutor charged Zimmerman, 46 days after the fact, with second degree murder.

This has sparked an emotional national debate on gun control and the role of the NRA in getting such laws passed.  Regardless of the media reports, there are two sides to this story and facts that will not be fully revealed until Zimmerman goes to trial.  It does, however demand a larger conversation on reasonable gun restrictions vs the rights of gun owners.  As such, we have invited an expert on the law, UCLA Law Professor, Adam Winkler. Adam is not only a Constitutional Law professor, but the author of a book entitled “Gun Fight“, that discusses the history of the Right to Bear Arms and gun control laws in the United States.

Adam will not only provide some perspective on gun laws, he will share with us his take on the upcoming George Zimmerman trial and what he believes will be the challenges both from the perspective of the prosecution and the defense.

Nancy Parrish and Congresswoman Jackie Speier

Additionally, BROADSIDED has tirelessly pursued the issue of rape in the military, long before the problem made national headlines.  We have spoken with advocacy organization and victims to gain perspective on the scope of the problem and how the matter is being handled by the Department of Defense.

Back to share the progress on this issue, is the President of Protect Our Defenders, Nancy Parrish.  Nancy has been kind enough to make several appearances on our program to talk about the problem of Military Sexual Assault, how the military has traditionally handled the problem, and what her organization has done in conjunction with Congresswoman Jackie Speier, to bring the problem to national attention and take the adjudication out of the hands of military brass and into a forum where there will be real and lasting consequences.  Her work on behalf of the victims has been tireless and we thank her for coming back to provide an update.

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