Think you can’t lose weight? Bet you can with hypnosis. Advanced Hypnotherapist Mike Oglesbee says he’s had a 100% success rate with every client who’s come to him to slim down.

How’s it done?

Hypnosis is a bypassing of the conscious mind in order to make positive suggestions to the sub-conscious mind.  It puts you in a sleepy trance that feels like you’re floating on a cloud and allows the hypnotherapist to suggest changes you can make to better yourself.

Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years. The Greeks used it for healing, and the Bible speaks about sleep temples. It’s still used today for transformational changes such as weight loss, anxiety, stress, phobias and self-esteem.

It pulls people out of the world they are currently in and shows them the world they want to be in, says Oglesbee.  “They see themselves as having achieved their goal and then really push themselves to attack that.”

Mike Oglesbee

For weight loss, Oglesbee performs a series of hypnosis to:

  1. Build a solid foundation of self-esteem and self-confidence, boosting the rate of success in all areas of your life
  2. Focus on habits you have and associate them with habits that are better for you.
  3. Motivate you to become more physically active and to view exercise as enjoyable

Can anyone be hypnotized?  Oglesbee says almost everyone, even those who think they’re too smart for it. In fact, he says, the more intelligent you are, the easier it is for you to reach trance state because you can more easily focus, create, and imagine. Only about 10% of people cannot be hypnotized; usually they are people who have mental disabilities or similar challenges.

What about control? Do you lose it? It’s the exact opposite, he says. Hypnotherapy gives you the tools to have better control over your life.  And he says it is completely safe and natural, just like falling asleep.

To hear the full interview and an actual hypnosis demonstration, listen via archives or iTunes. And if you want to contact Mike, visit his website,, where you can sign up for a free hypnosis CD.

It’s difficult to program your subconscious mind with your conscious mind, he said. “With hypnosis, you get straight in there.”