Time to Create your Bucket List

When 29 year-old Kate Granger was diagnosed with a rare and terminal form of sarcoma (a form of cancer), she drew positive energy from creating her own Bucket List. With only months left of her life, she decided to live out her dreams and throw caution to the wind, including flying in a glider and cooking bacon on a camp stove in the moors.

Her list was inspired by the film ‘Bucket List,’ starring Morgan Freeman. The main characters have terminal cancer and decide to draw up a list of all the things they wanted to do before they die. Online, bucket-listing has taken off, and there are whole websites dedicated to people’s hopes and dreams, from climbing a mountain to something as simple as eating fish and chips by the seaside.

What Should You Include In Your Bucket List?

What you include is entirely up to you, but the important thing is to remind yourself that there is an exciting and enjoyable life outside the monotony of work. Have you ever looked back over a year and thought, ‘what on earth have I achieved?’ If you can’t remember anything special, it’s time to start making goals.

Consider these questions to get you warmed up:

“What would you regret not doing before you die?”

“If money and time where not an issue, what would you do?”

“What have you always dreamed of?”

“Which countries are you dying to visit?”

“What experiences do you want to have?”

“What would you love to achieve?”

“What skills would be fantastic to have?”

“Is there anyone you’d love to meet face-to-face?”

“Are there any special events you want to see?”

If You Need Inspiration…

Here are some of the fantastic things you can include on your bucket list:

  1. Take a tomato to the face at La Tomatina. For one hour only, Bunol (Spain) becomes a river of ketchup. Over 150,000 tomatoes are thrown at everyone in the biggest food fight known to man.
  2. Continuing on the food theme, eat at one of the best restaurants in the world. Check out the Restaurant Magazine’s top 50 – if you don’t enjoy traveling, you may not even have to leave the country!
  3. Learn another language fluently. Not only is this a fantastic tool if you are traveling abroad, but it can also provide new career options. It also gives you an excuse to go on holiday and try out your language skills.
  4. Learn a new skill…like juggling! Sure, it gives you the chance to show-off, but it also improves your hand-eye co-ordination, concentration, and focus.
  5. Cook a 6 course meal or take cooking lessons. Impress your partner by rustling up some fancy cuisine and cook for friends.
  6. Take part in a protest. Get political by protesting on an issue of your interest: peaceful, obviously.
  7. Fly first class. Flying in coach is enough to make anyone hate traveling by air: cramped seating arrangements, weirdo’s, and crying babies – not exactly a comfortable experience. However, if you fly first class with Emirates you get your own mini bar, lie-down bed, privacy, shower, and many other luxury bonuses. Yes, please!

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