Every generation asks, “What is wrong with kids these days?” As a young girl I’ve often heard older people say.  Now that I’ve earned that right, I understand what they meant.  I am living it.

The most basic human unit is the family.  The family is where one develops character, personality, intellect, and social skills.  Why are teachers blamed by parents when their kids are at sub-par learning level and not passing a grade?  I grew up in a different space and time. Education was as important as breathing.  Getting less than an A in my family is unacceptable.  My parents did not give props for a B, thinking, it is a passing grade.  If we got a B, you strive to get an A.  I remember once when a film producer offered me a part in a movie to be Nancy Kwan’s sister, I was so excited and prayed my parents would allow me to do it.  I was disappointed when my dad told me to choose between that film or school.  I didn’t even think twice.  School was the winning decision for me.  I didn’t have a choice, it was ingrained in my brain.

Having children these days seem to have become a big business, a way for people to survive.  Welfare recipients use children to pay for rent, expenses, and sometimes sadly, their drug habits.  Young girls have been known to get pregnant to get out of a dysfunctional home and even worse, a school fad.  Children grow up emotionally broken.  These children grow up to be desensitized, unfeeling, unappreciated and the list goes on and on.  OUR FUTURE.  The obvious solution, give it a name like, attention deficit disorder, bipolar, sociopath, etc. and give them a pill for it.  Parents blame society, friends, situations or whatever will create a smoke screen for their own shortcomings.  By no means do I call myself a perfect parent, after all, who is?  However, children have very basic needs.  First, they need love.  Lots and lots of love.  They need quality time with their parents but not forced as children would sense it.  They need discipline.  Children will push parents to their limits to see how far they can control the situation because they need to be taught and guided to do the right thing.  Some parents often tiptoe around their kids, trying not to hurt their feelings but subconsciously doing them a disservice in the process. Children need to be guided with their education.  A passing grade of C should not be acceptable, shy of pounding them to study, parents should be firm and ingrain in children how important education is.  Education is the most basic of tools necessary to survive in a working society.  So what if the government makes a cut.  I do not agree with it either.  But just because the government no longer makes education a priority, it doesn’t mean parents should too and put an end to educating their children.

I am concerned about the world that we live in.  I am concerned that children are relying on the idiot box because it is the only thing that is constantly in their face all day, every day.  I am concerned that people callously procreate for the wrong reasons because of lack of guidance from their parents and pass it along to their kids and the vicious cycle continues.

Let’s get back to basics.  Only have the kids you can afford to support.  Only have enough kids you can give a lot of attention to.  If you do choose to have children, ingrain it in their character to make education just as important as breathing.  Lastly, love and encourage them to develop their creative genius so they can have an outlet for when life happens to them instead of popping a pill.  These are the most important legacy you can give the generations to come.

Applause to those parents who help their kids excel in school.  The parents who hold themselves and their children accountable for bad behavior.  The parents who struggle financially but still stay strong in guiding their children to make a better future for themselves.  The parents who came to this country to give a better life to their children by collecting cans at the crack of dawn to dusk so they can send their son to Stanford and see him graduate.

Just saying….

Love one another, and most importantly… LOVE YOUR KIDS!