Twas the night before New Years, Two-Zero-One-Two

I was plotting to visit a party (or a few)

An evict note was hung on my front door with care

I hoped my unemployment check soon would be there


The economy hung by a festive green thread

But my resolution was to look happily ahead.

When out on the patio I heard something Eerie

If I had an iphone, I’d inquire with Siri


But Blackberrys dont have an app of such glee

…and besides, I only get ones that are free

I braved the disturbance and went to the door

With pepper spray in hand, just to be sure.


When what to my overworked eyes did I see

But the ghost of Steve Jobs staring straight back at me

Yes, late founder of Apple, a hero to many

He reached out and handed me a 2012 penny


“You shouldn’t have Steve,” I said with a grin

He said, Take this my friend, and this year you’ll win

Heavens pretty great, kid, I’m not gonna lie

Tonight I’m catching Amy Winehouse- Rehab in the sky


But this year, I promise you resources anew

In this, the year Two-Thousand-Ten-Plus-Two

No apolocalypse awaits as the features films said

No natural disasters or rapture ahead


Just a God-Given chance to begin a new year

To get what you want, whether world peace or beer

So jump on the train – let your thoughts be shared

Do it via flashcard video if you feel scared.


But make sure you speak up and let your views fly

Don’t let anyone deprive you the right to OCCUPY

The troops in Iraq are homebound at last

An election year is bringing some changes to pass


So take the opportunity and make use of your time

Make use of the penny, it’ll turn to a dime

YES! Good things are coming and great things are near

Here’s to 2012, have an awesome New Year