Greetings everyone,

What’s Your Dream?  I have a big dream, and I’m optimistic it can happen. YOU can help. Will you, please?  It’s easy.

I am Here Women Talk-member Sulondia Hammond (most of you know me as Sue Ham), and I am requesting your assistance with an audition I have entered. I have the opportunity to work with Tyler Perry, something I’ve wanted for years!  But in order to do so, I must be among the top 10 highest votes. I am asking you to please vote for me. Please click THIS LINK, and when you see the video with my picture, in the lower left corner of that video, please click on VOTE FOR THIS.

If you refresh the page, you can vote again and again. I sure would appreciate as many votes as you can give me.

The contest closes June 29th– please help to make this dream come true for me.  And let me know your dream; if I can help you, I will.


Sulondia “Sue-Ham” Hammond