It is beautiful here today in NY. The humidity has dropped, the birds are singing and yet I feel (no, I know) that we are doomed. Doomed.

The massacre at the movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado has opened the old and worn out argument about gun control – those being for it and the opponents who want to die with their guns in their cold dead hands.

Both sides are at the ready and no one is listening to each other. How can they hear the rhetoric with all the bullets flying through the air?

We are doomed.

It seems right after the slaughter of 12 innocent people, both sides came out swinging. One talks about changing the law to protect the innocent and the other talks about protecting their freedom to bear arms in case they are attacked by Indians (some of our ancestors were nice enough to kill them and take their land). Old ways of thinking need to change.

I am for gun control. Always have been and always will be.  But there are enough guns in this country that every person would own one – even little kids could strap one on the waist of their Garanimals.

Why don’t we just face it and be honest. This will never change. Other people’s kids will be murdered and most of you will go back to reading Fifty Shades of Grey and won’t give a shit. But, wait. Tell me what you will say and feel when someone who is pissed off or mentally imbalanced takes a gun and kills a loved one. Kills you child. The child that you dreamt about having since you were little girl. The child that you wanted to grow up and be president. How are you going to feel?  That someone who has no right to be near a gun much less points it at your child and blows the life out of your child. It happens every day and yet people think it won’t happen to them or their loved ones.

Gun Control is never going to happen here. And we call ourselves civilized?

We are doomed.

A few people started to go after me because of my pro-gun control stance. It is annoying at best and I think a bit disrespectful for all the families who lost loved ones on Friday morning. This isn’t about your right to own guns.

It’s about all that lost potential. Was there a peace maker in that group? That is always my fear. Did they just kill the one person who could change our world?

People don’t want to change – just look at Congress. Change would require that people get out of their easy chair and put down their remote. And work together. Keep your damn guns but don’t let them get into the hands of people like James Holmes.

 Speaking of Congress – could you put aside your differences and try to protect us?

We are doomed.

And I want to let everyone who refuses to work on making this a safer and more peaceful country know that the blood of the innocent will never wash off your hands.

But you don’t give a shit, do you?


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