Entering the dating game can be tricky when you have been absent from it for some time. The rules have definitely changed.  Just as technology has evolved so has dating.

Some have incorporated tactics of the dating movement into their single lives and some are immovable, unwilling to embrace change.

Unfortunately as in some cases of people vs technology, single people have decided to stand still waiting for time to travel backwards to “The Way We Were”.  As a single person you must learn to refine your strategies and improve your techniques.

Let’s continue with today’s love addiction focusing on those who are…

Self Indulgent

Passion driven, Self Indulger’s regularly attach themselves to partners through their emotions.  They put everything they have into a relationship from the start. Self Indulger’s fall in love fast and they love hard.

Constantly looking for an emotional high, indulger’s feed on the need to know everything in the relationship is going well all the time. Often Self Indulger’s drive others away unintentionally by overpowering them with their feelings and find it hard to see their behavior as smothering or forceful.

Self Indulger’s are unaware of how to identify triggers for their behaviors and adjust their actions accordingly. When confronted by a request from their partners to be less emotionally motivated Self Indulger’s try not to continue their actions but are unconvincing.

The smallest issue or problem that presents itself in the union can be reminiscent of dealings with a previous partner. At its worst, a relationship with a self indulger can turn into a stalking situation.

Self Indulger’s need for love is fulfilled when their partner is fully engaged in their emotional world and consistently responsive to the Indulger’s sensitive condition.

Did you identify with any characteristics of a Self Indulger?

Here are some tools to take control of this destructive pattern and create some positive dating habits.

1. Join a group for singles that offers support and steady encouragement.

2. Learn how to navigate through the stages of a relationship successfully where feelings grow naturally and gradually for both partners.

3. Have a specific accountability partner who can help you objectively look at your dating scenarios and bring back to your memory the relationship goals you wish to accomplish.

Join me tomorrow to discover the distinctiveness of the Overdose love addict.