What would Nora do? What will I miss? My list.

Nora Ephron, who was a brilliant writer and human being, left us last week and a lot of us are feeling the blues with her departure. To lose someone who was funny and clever really does sting – especially in our crazy, overly stressed world.

One of my favorite pieces by Nora came from her book I Remember Nothing and Other Reflection. It was her list of what she would miss.

About a year ago, someone suggested I write about what I will miss when the world comes to an end. Good point. I have to say this list might be harder to fill since I am not always feeling the love. And I mean that about myself and the world.  OMG – I am a coach and I just admitted to being human.  Hot damn.  I just might be able to fill up this list.


1)   Not getting to spend time with my long list of interesting men. And by spending time, I don’t necessarily mean reading by the fireplace. Javier – call me.  I hear the end is near.

2)  The possibility of…

3)  Watching kittens get their walking papers.  And puppies who ice stake down the hall with wobbly legs.

4)  Putting words in a certain order that makes people laugh or think. Or think about laughing.

5)  Real passionate kisses from men who know how to kiss and don’t look at kissing as a way to wipe off a feature or two off your face.  Call me old-fashioned.

6)  The chance to get back into that crocheted dress from the 1970s that I used to be able to wear without a bra. TMI?  Perhaps.

7)  Longing to talk to my darling friend David who left us in 1997. I just think about him and he is all around me – messing with my hair. Hmmmm…maybe we will see each other again? That would be just lovely. David  – Karma means never having to miss you ever again.

8)  Linguine and clam sauce.

9)  The Ocean. One of the few places where people aren’t staring at me and wondering how I forgot to exercise over the last few years. It happened, people, it just happened.

10) Yelling at the Tea Party members. Who needs therapy with this crowd around?

11) The chance to own a closet full Christian Louboutin heels.

12) Seeing the people of the world living in peace. We didn’t even get close.

13) Friends who keep secrets. On second thought, they will have to go with me. I don’t think I can trust anyone that much.

14) My VHS and DVD copy of ‘The Way We Were.’ Robert Redford in bed.

15) Good wine. Bad wine. Any kind of wine.

16) Giving Donald Trump a Mohawk and telling him “You’re fired.”

17) Manhattan. You can keep the Bronx and Staten Island, too.

18) Hearing the late Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

19) Concealer. Not that I ever needed it.

20) Laughing so hard.

So what are you going to miss?