Ready to Answer: Why 'Homophobic Church' is an Oxymoron

In today’s contentious political climate, we hear so little about jobs and so much about the ‘problems’ homosexuals are wreaking on American society.  Of course, most of that rhetoric is coming from the Evangelical Christian Right who use the scriptures, designed to be a book of love and guidance, as a weapon. “It’s an abomination!” “They want to ‘pick and choose’ what parts of the Bible to obey!” “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!” And of course, same-gender-loving Christians from every walk of life have heard these phrases, over and over again, from what author and minister, Rev. Marilyn Bowens refers to as “Accusers” – homophobic Christians who refuse to acknowledge LGBT Christians as part of the Body of Christ. In Ready to Answer, Rev. Marilyn Bowens responds to their favorite slogans; and shares additional insights from her journey from fundamentalism to a peaceful, authentic, and intimate relationship with God. Ready to Answer is food for the souls of LGBT Christians who are struggling to heal from the abusive theology, policies, and practices of Accuser churches.

Rev. Marilyn Bowens

“It is critically important that all LGBT Christians have an answer for those who would dare suggest that we are not embraced by the extravagant grace of our loving God.”  While this book is food for the soul of the Christian LGBT community, it also provides answers for heterosexual Christians who have struggled with coming to terms with ‘the gays’, and open-minded individuals everywhere who seek to offer answers when coming in contact with ‘Accusers’ everywhere.  Rev. Bowens is delightful, authentic and engaging and we hope you’ll join us.

Dee Ryan

Opening the show this week though, we’ll be talking about current news events with our gal pal, the brilliant and always funny, Dee Ryan.  Dee is a Second City Improv alum and an accomplished actress and entertainer – and lest we forget, one of the stars of the “Vagina Havers” video we so love.  We’ll be getting Dee’s take on the Herman Cain road to the White House, the 72 day, $10,000,000 marriage of Kim Kardashian and more!

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