We are the co-hosts of Where Is My Guru, an online weekly radio show that explores the meeting of creativity, activism and yoga. Each Friday at 11 am EST we interview a new guest, asking them to share with us what it is that inspires and sustains their inner light amidst the turbulence and tremendous beauty of the modern world. Whether we are asking our guests about their projects, their practice or their vision, ‘Where is My Guru’ aims to ask all of us this: How is your yoga lived?

So Tune in each week on Fridays at 11 am EST, 9 am MST, and 8 am PST, as we document the ever-changing definition of an ancient tradition, as it evolves from a practice to a lifestyle, creates community out of credo, and seeps out of the ashram and onto the airwaves. How is your yoga lived? The answer to this question is as diverse as those who are asking it, so join us in the discussion and we promise that your Guru will thank you no matter who or what or where your Guru lives.

We are delighted to let you know about our upcoming show this Friday October 7, 2011.The Flawless Foundation takes a stand for humane, compassionate care for children and adolescents living with mental health and neurodevelopmental challenges. Board of Chair and Founder, Janine Francolini, MA, and J Stuart Ablon, Ph.D., Director of Think:Kids.org, join us to discuss seeing the perfection in every child.

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“Desire is here to stay. The challenge we all face, and that I intend to guide you through, is to learn how to take into account the full measure of who you are and use the positive force of all four of your soul’s desires––dharma, the desire to become who you were meant to be, artha, the desire for the means to help you fulfill your dharma, kama, the desire for pleasure of all kinds, and moksha, the desire for freedom and a connection to the Eternal––to lead you to your best life.”

~Rod Stryker, past #WIMG guest and author of “The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom.”