Wednesday, 11am EST, LIVE with Sara Refai, Susan Macaulay and Cindy Freeman: What prompts someone to give up their existing life and engage in a totally new one?

Sara Refai

Susan Macaulay

“Ussa is the Arabic word for story, and we each have one,” says 32-year-old Sara Refai who gave up lucrative corporate work in London to volunteer as a teacher for three months in Palestine. 18 months later, she’s still there. Wednesday on YAK we will be joined by Susan Macaulay, founder of Amazing Women Rock, and Sara Refai, live from Nablus, a city in the northern West Bank.

Cindy Freeman

Then 6,000 miles west in Milwaukee, we are joined by Cindy Freeman who has totally transformed her life. Formerly a journalist for several Wisconsin newspapers, Cindy says, “I go where God leads me.” And what is that path? Declared legally blind three years ago while in her mid-40s, through surgery and a miracle, she regained some eyesight and is now interpreting for the deaf. Cindy says, “My hands were created to speak.”

Do you want a “do-over” in your life? Tune-in, call-in, chat-in with Sara, Cindy, Susan and host Kay Van Hoesen who have all left successful, traditional lives to follow their hearts. Find out the trials, triumphs, and sometimes painful truth of starting over.

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