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To Forgive and Not to Forget that is the Question

To Forgive and not to Forget that is the Question A plethora of souls have come to me to connect to their loved ones from the other side. Those who have crossed over and those who are in the physical repetitively ask me, “will they forgive me” of course not all souls, but several of them during my readings. What I am going to share with you is that here in the physical people ask for forgiveness and that is a reasonable request. Some revert in the opposite direction feeling that they choose not to forgive. I just will...

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Home Renovation from an Insurance Agent’s Viewpoint

Home Renovation from an Insurance Agent’s Viewpoint When we begin planning our home renovations, we are careful to take into account interior design, budget, schedule, contractor references, etc., but are we as careful when we think about how our insurance will be impacted? Probably not. It’s not as interesting, and frankly, it isn’t the first thing you think about when you consider renovations. According to insurance specialist Scott Spencer, writer for Insurance Journal, homeowners should take just as much time considering their insurance coverage as they do their interior design or budget. This is especially true when the renovation involves hiring outside help, changing the structure of the home, or adding on square footage. These activities all involve some measure of risk which savvy homeowners will protect themselves against. Protect against fire For one, did you know that a third of all house fires happen when contractors do work on a home? It isn’t something you can protect against, but it is something you can prepare for, which is why additional insurance might be purchased to cover damage done by contractors or in the course of construction. Bodily injury Spencer mentioned other hazards, including, “Bodily injury liabilities from nosy neighbors venturing onto the property and then tripping over equipment or building materials.” You might also think about “invited friends and guests, including people making deliveries to the house.” Damage...

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Clearing the Mind Clutter

Clearing the Mind Clutter Mind clutter is overwhelming. I’m just arriving back from a Conference with over 500 Entrepreneurs in my industry. I have to say that I was a bit nervous…thinking about how that many “organizers” would act in one place. (Of course, I was assuming that they would be OCD!) I was able to meet several hundred of them and now I’m left with the daunting task of following up with everyone.   Conferences are great. They are energizing and motivating and leave you with great and awesome intentions. Taking those intentions and turning them into a plan...

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The Advantages of Social Media for Your Business

The Advantages of Social Media for Your Business I have found that the advantages of social media for business are limitless. Just 4 years ago, I had no idea what the term SEO meant, had no idea what a Blog was and was totally ignorant (and scared) of the entire idea of social media. A six week Emarketing 101 course changed it all for me. Now, I blog frequently, am a contributor to many local online newspapers and write at least 12 blogs a month. Who would have thought it? I call it my mid-life change. I won’t say...

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Get Ready For Spring Warmth Through Organization

Get Ready For Spring Warmth Through Organization Spring activities are in full swing. However, if the winter has taken a toll on your house and you find your stuff unorganized you may not be as ready for Spring and Summer as you’d like to be. Use the following tips to get ready for the warmth and fun of Spring through and organization. Declutter: Start off by cutting down on the clutter that has accumulated over the winter. Throw away and/or donate things that you won’t use again. Ask yourself when the last time you used something was. Deep Clean:...

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