How to Organize For a Trip

Once you put in your vacation time there’s no turning back. The trip is happening and you are so excited about taking a break from your job and relaxing. However, very rarely do vacations end up being an oasis that allows you to escape from your daily routine. This is partially due to stressful preparation of packing. If your home is anything like mine, the day of, everyone is running across the house trying to not forget to pack a toothbrush or underwear. To help you reduce some of that stress, follow the list of tried and proven tips to help you organize for a trip stress free.

Start Early: I know, we all say we are going to pack early and end up waiting until the last minute. Try something different by making a list of all the things that you will need a week before you leave. Making the list a week early will allow time for you to remember all the little items you may have forgotten when making the initial list. Three days before you leave, pick out the luggage that you are planning to use and pack items that you won’t have to use before the trip.

Simplify: It never fails, you always pack more clothes than you end up using. Take whatever you packed and put half of it away. The thought of doing this seems painful, but it will actually help you in the end. Everyone comes back with more than they left with. Be sure that your luggage has some open space for new items that you might pick up.

Take a Timeout: It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the to-dos. The day before you leave take a timeout just for you. It can be 5 minutes or 5 hours, you decide. Work out, take a hot bath, go shopping, or get a massage; do whatever makes you happy. Doing this will help you to calm down not worry as much, especially if you followed the first two steps.

Follow these tips and when the day comes for you to leave you can do so stress free.