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Old Gals Dance BETTER Than The Stars

Old Gals Dance BETTER Than The Stars Some years ago, a video of an older woman dancing salsa with a young buck 40 years her junior circulated all over the internet. Rumors flew that she was Ginger Rogers dancing with her grandson (not true — Ginger died in 1995). Turns out, she’s a British woman named Sarah Jones better known as Paddy who lives in Valencia, Spain and took up salsa at Nico’s, her dance partner’s academy, after her husband passed away.  The video (below) of this then 70-something grandmother keeping perfect time with her fluid musical acrobats inspired and...

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Day Trip to Charlotte

Day Trip to Charlotte Today I took a designated work holiday for a day trip. I had the honor and pleasure of spending time with a great group of people who are members of  The day (trip) started at 5:45 a.m. and ended at 5:45 p.m. when I pulled out of our meeting place (Belk’s parking lot) and I was on the interstate headed back home. It was the fastest fun day I’ve had in a while. The group consisted of former Stock Car drivers and fans, all members of Stock Car RacersReunion (  The most exciting part...

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Seven Ways to Leverage Your Skills Into an Amazing Business

Seven Ways to Leverage Your Skills Into an Amazing Business This question keeps popping up this week so I just had to post! Danielle LaPorte’s ( ) Spark Kit asks, “What do you think your form of genius is?” “What are you amazing at?” Many respond: “my courage, my kindness, my caring, my personality, my sense of humor” and then kinda scratch their head… “but how do I leverage these qualities in my business?” More often than not, our best strengths are not necessarily skills or special talents but just our PRESENCE. When people feel comfortable around you, expressing...

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Hold the Phone

Hold the Phone It was a sad day…my cordless phone died…it had lived a good life…facilitated some good conversations…never spread gossip…only got lost a few times…which…I must say…is better than me…but…I digress. So…the phone died…and…I did what I had to do…no…I didn’t Google…I know…I Google everything…but…for this…Google couldn’t help me…now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t do my research…I did…it was just hands on. I went to the local store…and…checked out all of the available models…now…most people shopping for phones…are checking out the features…which one makes coffee…which one fetches the newspaper…then…they look for how many drone phones it has…that...

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Is Stress Making a Mess in Your Life?

Is Stress Making a Mess in Your Life? Stress is one of the messiest things when it comes to creating in life. (And you are always creating…. but most don’t realize that they are doing it).  When you are stressing out about situations, people, family, money, or whatever subject you are currently stressing over….. you are feeling awful.  That feeling sends out a frequency that is matched with  more situations and circumstances that match it.  Whether you like it or not.  When you are worrying (which is what stress is caused from) you are using your Imagination. When you...

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