I may have hinted that I’m now working on getting a project picked up. The idea seemed to come to me – as all the ideas that really “get my mojo goin’” do – from outer space. Of course, I’ve discovered through spiritual work and experience, that they truly come to me from my inner space.

I have a wonderful friend, whom I’ve known for close to a quarter of a century, who is really after me to, “Sell it!!!” He has a good business head and he believes in me. He was an investor in the show I produced in London and Florida. That takes belief.  I know he’s on my team and – I got nervous from his insistence.

This week I gave myself a present of a reading by an Astrologer I respect very highly.  I’ve known Constance Stellas for 38 years.  I met her when we were both members of a New York theater company. The information I got from her relaxed me. I felt less angst about needing to  “fight” to get this project up and running. Her reading insured me that concentrating on my writing and creative talents now will pay off well, moneywise, in the not too distant future.

I still couldn’t get my friend’s urgings to “Go out there and sell it!” out of my mind. I was feeling stuck in that area. What would I do next when the time came? Could I truly wait to push?  Then I realized my astrology reading said this was a “creative” time for me. I now interpret this to include creative thinking – thinking of steps I could begin taking in preparation for the big sale.  So, what I needed to do last night was breathe and create. I relaxed and said to myself, “Lets get creative about this Barbara! Which eggs would be clever to put in the cart when the time comes.”   My given name is Barbara and I often call myself that when I’m going into introspection.  What I realized was I needed to do at that moment was to “say yes” to my own wisdom while I was in the process of thinking.

Then, like a flash from heaven, I had the thought, “Okay, Barb. You’ve succeeded in the past with several projects. What actions did you chose to take for one of your past projects that might work for this one?  I didn’t crinkle up my brow or get tense. I didn’t swoop in air. I just let the air fill my body naturally and, bingo! – I could almost feel my brain channels opening up.  I’m not sure this action that came into my mind is the one that will get me to my goal – but I surely put it on my major “lets try this” list.  I was taught this method of operation, more than thirty years ago, by a partner with whom I produced major club events. It worked brilliantly for us and has worked for me since. He had an excellent marketing head for someone quite young.  I produced these events during the early 1980s.   Unfortunately, I needed to break up the partnership due to his use of drugs.  However, I did learn from him. He died of Aids shortly after.  I mention this to let you know that you can learn positive things, even from people who have negative problems.  You needn’t stay with negative people. I advise you to bless them and pull yourself away from them.  I also advise you not to discard any helpful teachings you may have gotten from them.

I need to be a tease in this article and not let you know what my specific project is because I can’t let the cat out of the bag quite yet. I will say that it has to do with dealing with people, as most things do.   I’ll let Here Women Talk readers know as soon as I put it into practice and it either works or doesn’t. I need to research which people to approach, make my list and then approach them.  I’m now also thinking of actions that didn’t work well in the past for various projects. I don’t need to be wasting my time with them.

What I would like to have you get from this is to say YES to your own wisdom when you get “stuck”. Even if what you need to accomplish pertains to an area you don’t feel you’re strong in, I bet there was a time when you needed to accomplish some aspect of the situation you’re working on now. If you succeeded or didn’t succeed in the situation you were dealing with then, one action you can take is to look back at what worked or didn’t work for you then.  I know this is just a beginning in a plan to succeed at a specific thing.  But it’s a good beginning. If you’re over twelve years old, you probably know more than you think you do.

In the 70s I took the EST Training. Its formulator Werner Erhard divided learning into three categories:

  1. “What I know that I know.”
  2. “What I know that I don’t know.”
  3. “What I don’t know that I don’t know.”

I add a 4th Category: “What I know that I don’t know I know?”