Are you volunteering to give money or your time or expertise to someone’s project due to fear you’ll hurt feelings? Is it because you’re using it to network for business? Do You Truly Care About The Project or Group?

This Is quite similar to last weeks column in the respect that I’ve learned to ask myself as I now ask myself when I’m aware I’m making any choice – whether the action I’m choosing to take is based on fear rather than intelligence. This topic, however, has an added element to consider.

I think by now you know I’m going to suggest that you don’t choose to put your time into something just because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. If it’s the love of your life you don’t want to hurt – and the time required won’t keep you from accomplishing work you’re passionate about – and you, at least, agree with the purpose of the volunteer effort – then you might consider volunteering with the man/woman you love to help you let them know they’re appreciated and to give the two of your a common bond.

If, as is often the case, we’re speaking of volunteering for some organization or purpose a friend or business acquaintance of your is involved in, I’d do the exercises I spoke of last week to decide whether you’re choosing to become involved in giving your time for free because you truly believe it will benefit you.

  • What I do is think of my brain, when it’s being guided by truth and not stuff I’m adding to it, as a GPS system. I think of turning off any thoughts other that what’s in the system and then I think of turning off the system itself and allowing it to be reprogrammed to go to the destination I want. . This isn’t always totally possible  – but you can get as close to it as you can under the circumstances you’re experiencing at that moment.  If you’re walking down the street alone it’s simpler to do than if you’re in a meeting with people who are asking you to volunteer your time. Remember that you’re more than your body or the situation you’re in at the moment.
  • Then I silently ask myself the question,  “What do you really most to want to accomplish in your life, Bobbie?”  Will accepting this assignment for no pay further you to achieving that goal?

This is the hardest question to nail down for most people. It sounds simple doesn’t it? It’s about what you want, period. Hmmm… Most people need to go over this and over this. I know I do.  I once took a personal improvement workshop series and this was the big question.  I didn’t get how difficult that was until that workshop. Once I know what I want I can more easily make my life plan which includes my business plan, my family plan, etc.

Do “things” come up in life that can make you change your goals? I’m going to take a chance and say that when these things come up, I’ve found they’re what I think of as “necessities”.   I’ve allowed them to get me to change my goals, but deep down inside I now know that the dreams I had playing silently with my dolls and the other artifacts in my grandma’s attic are still my basic goals.

Will taking my time volunteering for the project I’m being asked to volunteer for take me away from my goal or lead me to it? When I think of this I can make a choice based on Intelligence and not on the Fear of having someone not love me because I didn’t comply with the other person’s request.  I’m speaking of time and not money in this case, although time can cost you money if your activity is taking from your earning hours. If your heart truly wants to contribute time then, by all means make that choice!