Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were able to find what you needed when you needed it?  What if your day just ran so smooth and perfect and you had no stress?  That would be great, huh? 

I remember 29 years ago, when I married my husband,  how life just seemed to be so easy.  There wasn’t any stress.  We slept in on Saturday, if we wanted to; we shared responsibilities, things were just so simple and easy.  I went to aerobics class several days a week and we shared a nice meal every evening together.  We even travelled to New Jersey one weekend every month to see my family and life just seemed so nice and easy.

So what happened?   We had three children, moved every three years, and accumulated more material objects than we really needed.  Our last move really made the most impact on our lives.  We were only in our new home in Virginia for 2 weeks when I started commuting an hour each way to work in D.C.  And, well, that was nearly 20 years ago.

Why do I share this and what does it have to do with being organized?  Because I think it is important and Everything! 

Every time that we moved it was expected.  Every three years we knew we’d move to another State.  It was the Marine Corps way!  But so many people are having decisions made for them and they are unprepared.  Having to pick up a family and move or downsize,  or moving your brick and mortar office into a home office is becoming more and more common. 

I don’t mean for this to sound negative.  I believe that everything happens for a reason…Everything!  And believe me, we have had a lot happen within the last 10 years!  What I’d like to impress on you is that knowing what you have and how to relieve some of the stress of a transition.  Being able to easily and quickly transition into a new space with what you really need  – will allow you the capability to get your life and business right back on track again

Simplify your life

Being ready for the unexpected is important.  I’m not talking about having an abundance or stock-piling materials, but rather knowing that if needed, you could pack up, pick up and have all of your necessities quickly and easily.  Without preparation, your items can easily wind up in a box marked miscellaneous, never to be found for years and years. 

So back to living a simple life. Take the time to go through your space and recognize what you need and what you can eliminate.  Still have a litter box but no cat?  Holding on to paperwork from 30 years ago?  Have a collection of items that you “mean” to fix but just haven’t gotten around to? 

Getting back to a simple life is not that difficult.  Put your mind at ease and set achievable goals to get it done.  Find a place to take your paperwork for shredding – you don’t have to do it yourself.  Dedicate a day to load up a truck with things that you don’t use any more.  Make getting organized a party!  Keep a positive attitude and share your accomplishments with your best friend, family member or neighbor.  Freeing up your space will free up your mind and stress and allow you to enjoy your life.

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct