It has always bothered me that aging in America is viewed as a downward spiral… and a repulsive one at that! It’s no wonder that the younger set clamored for Betty White to appear on Saturday Night Live. I’m thrilled to be joining Betty to inspire the young, and the young at heart to take aging into their own hands and make it an exciting life-affirming adventure.

Here I am, in my 70’s and Betty in her 80’s…two older women who are showing the world that aging doesn’t have to rob you of your youth and vitality. In Betty’s case, she is a bundle of energy, bubbling and enthusiastic…taking on new challenges with courage and joy. In my case sexuality got added to the mix. (“Stir It Up” as Bob Marley would say!)

It all started when I got divorced at 48 after being married for 25 years. I began dating again and before I knew it, younger men were pursuing me. That was well before the word “Cougar” was popular. It came as a shock to me that aging did not take away my sexuality…and that miracle inspired me to share my secrets. How great it feels to see young people smiling and actually enjoying the prospect of aging!

At first, I felt a bit weird about sleeping with young men. In my day that was called “cradle snatching.” With the passage of time, I became more accepting of the older woman/younger man phenomenon. This encouraged me to write my memoir, “Sex and the Single Senior: A Cougar’s Search for Love.”

Out of the blue I got called to star in a series for The Learning Channel, “Strange Sex.” Naturally I was concerned that the title was a turn-off. But, it had quite the opposite effect. Within days I was stopped on the street, and my inbox was filled with letters as people shared that the show had inspired them not to fear aging. Now, following Betty White’s lead, older women (and men too) can confidently fulfill their desires and follow their hearts, no matter what society says.

Aging has taught me that true beauty emerges from within… a lesson that lightens my heart, energizes my body, and puts a smile on my face, with or without a few wrinkles!

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