Hello There Guru Friends!

We are thrilled to fill you in on our show from last Friday December 2, 2011. Where Is My Guru’s intern extraordinaire, Jennifer Cusano produced and co-hosted last weeks show. Bringing to our attention the peaks and valleys of introducing yoga to children with special needs such as ADHD, Autism, and other anxiety disorders is a subject that is incredibly near and dear to her heart. We warmly welcomed guests Lynea and Jim Gillen (pictured below) of Yoga Calm, and Anne Desmond, executive director of Bent On Learning. Both of these amazing organizations are dedicated to integrating yoga into the lives of children both in and out of school. It’s through this dedication kids are given the cognitive tools they need to succeed academically and socially while at the same time teaching positive peer interaction. It was truly a wonderfully informative show!

Lynea Gillen:It’s not easy to live with a learning disability, ADHD, Autism. One of the things I think people forget is that they are not only their disorder, they’re human beings who have sorrow and frustration about living with those particular difficulties. We address not only the disorder, but the feelings they have about having the disorder. The embarrassment, the social teasing that occurs, their desire to be seen as healthy and whole. Over and over again we see children develop self esteem and be able to address the issue in a responsible way. They can talk about the fact that they have ADHD, and how these things have helped them.

To listen to the rest of the show, please click here.