Don’t Give Up on Yourself

Well, we are 10 weeks into the year and how are you feeling about your goals for this year?  Have you given up already or are you feeling regenerated about how much you have achieved?

Remember that the goals that you made at the beginning of the year may have already changed.  And if getting yourself, your life or your business organized was one of your goals events may have occurred that took you off track – just a little.

Don’t be discouraged.  That is the great thing about goals, they can always be readjusted, reworked and reset.  The only person getting in the way of you reaching your goals is you!  The key to reaching goals is consistency in your reality and persistency in your pursuit.

If you are like me, obstacles have already presented themselves.  Things just came up last week that tried to refocus my concentration from what is important.  And it wasn’t just one thing but, as Murphy’s Law would suggest, there were 3 things back to back that required my attention and in a really short period of time too. 

Keeping yourself on track with your goals can be a challenge but here is what I did just last week to help myself through my distractions:

1.  I thought through what needed to be done in each situation.  I didn’t panic, nor did I get mad.  I have come to realize that when things happen unexpectedly, how I deal with them determines their outcome.  For the third time in just less than 5 months we had a major household appliance stop working.  (And, of course, it is out of warranty).  The worst part of losing this appliance is that we will have to do major readjustments to our daily lives.  So what????  It wouldn’t be forever!  I knew how to get it fixed because I had all of the information from the last 2 times that we had it repaired.  Life is full of adjustments and readjustments of our daily schedules.  Try going with the flow when you can’t immediately change a situation.   

2.  I kept a good attitude about each situation and envisioned the outcome.  This was particularly important when my new tablet went bad.  I couldn’t believe it at the time.  I totally get that things happen, some products are just lemons, but getting this fixed was going to require time that I really didn’t have.  The great thing…everything, as always, was backed up so I didn’t lose any information.  And since it was only 10 weeks old, there should be absolutely no problem getting it fixed.  Again, I envisioned the outcome – a new tablet, no exceptions.  And, after a slight negative encounter with a sales manager, I have a brand new tablet…no worries.

3.  I didn’t waiver from what I knew was right.  We can’t control the attitudes or values of anyone but ourselves so it doesn’t even make sense to put that onto our schedule.   Change only happens when we are accountable to making smart and conscious decisions.  So, I made a decision, stuck to it and Bamm!!  Boy is change a great feeling.

Take charge of yourself, your attitude and your results by making conscious choices toward positive changes that keep you organized and on track.     

Linda Clevenger, Professional Organizer                                                                                                              Organization Direct