Music is food for the soul.It is the common denominator between all of us.  Last Friday, October 14, 2011 we devoured some of  the most amazing Kirtan melodies. Where Is My Guru welcomed the women of Kirtan, Wah! and come-back guest Luna, as they shared with us the depth of their devotion through the power of music. It was truly a wonderful show.

Wah: We’ve evolved beyond the Guru-disciple relationship. The disciples are taking more responsibility for their lives. They’re using Gurus in a different way, and it’s been brought about by the Internet. Because all of the information is no longer centralized in a single person, it’s now available online. All of the knowledge and information is now available to all of us. The reason that you go to a so called Guru  now is to uplift your vibrations, and to be in community. To be in a higher vibration with others so that you get a transmission, much as you would with the Dali Lama. You get a transmission of what a higher energy feels like. Based on what I know from Luna, and myself, that’s why we come together in general. We all lift each other up.

Luna: Music activates our hearts. It gives us the opportunity ro move out of our own minds. When we get into our hearts we are able to connect with our selves, our deeper meaning in life, and each other in a more intimate way. It brings this remembrance of community, togetherness, connection. Children are so much in their hearts. It’s kind of their natural state. When I work with children, often they’re easy to get rhythm and melody, and get moving because they’re there already. Sometimes it’s a little harder with adults. That’s why I love mantra music and I love having Yoga as a space to come in and bring music. It’s about building communities, these deep international communities that we all feel. Music is for the heart.

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