Lori Rubenstein

Lori Rubenstein says forgiveness and gratitude are the cornerstones to happiness. Mary Costanza conquered Agoraphobia and near-suicide to learn self-love exactly as she is. Together these two uplifting women join Kay Van Hoesen and Christina Lufkin ((LIVE)) Wednesday, 11 am EST (8 am PST) on YAK, just in time to help us beat the holiday blues and family relationship issues most of us suffer.

Born to a teen-age mother in the projects, wild and out of control as a teenager, Lori went on to become a lawyer and then a successful consultant, mediator and author. Lori co-authored the best seller Wake-up … Live the Life You Love. She also authored Transcending Divorce: A Guide for personal Growth and Transformation; Conscious Relationships; and Freedom from Abuse: Finding Yourself Again.

Mary Costanza

Mary Costanza, affectionately known as “the Facebook Angel,” suffered Agoraphobia, depression, anxiety, feelings of inferiority and suicidal thoughts. Mary’s healing journey began after reading Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life. Mary started networking on Facebook. She signed up for online self-discovery classes, and thus opened the floodgates of friendships and self love.

Chris Lufkin

Christina Lufkin, a loyal member and regular contributor to Here Women Talk, is good friends with and a fan of Lori Rubenstein. It seemed only fitting that Chris would be part of this girlfriends’ gab fest on how to beat the holiday blues and make the most of your life. We want YOU to be part of this party, too. The phone and chat lines will be open for your comments and questions. Please join us. Listen online at www.HereWomenTalk.com. Chat-in. Or call in at 877-500-ZEUS (9387).

Colin Lively

And of course, YAK wouldn’t be complete without our very own Colin Lively and a little CLZ. Colin is sure to put a smile on your face.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 ~ 11 am EST (8 am Pacific)

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