So many times do we feel as if we just can’t take on one more thing!  There just isn’t any more time in the day to do anything.  Our plate is completely and utterly full to the brim and we will never find the necessary time to build your business or organize your home.  It seems hopeless.

Building a solid foundation can change everything.  It is necessary that your foundation for your home and office be sturdy, strong and confident.  Knowing what and how you manage your day to day business will allow more time to creep into your day.  How can you free up some time or streamline your processes to get more done (and still be able to take time for family, friends and outside activities).  Here are some tips to build your foundation strong and get more done:

1.  Build Habits – We have all heard that it takes 21 days to build a habit or make a change.  The problem with this philosophy is that typically we give up long before the 21 days are up.  The good news is that you can always start over again…you won’t be breaking any rules – but will you start again or just give up?  Use a Daily To Do List, Weekly Plan Sheet and Monthly Calendar to make sure that you hit your target every day.

2.  Planning out your day will allow you the opportunity to get more work done.  Just going from one activity to another may “seem” productive but at the end of the day I promise that you will get more done if you plan out your day.  Anything that lasts more than 15 minutes should be scheduled.

3.  Keep your foundation strong by allowing others to be your mortar.  You don’t have to do it all yourself.  In order to get more done, you must be willing to allow others to be a part of your process.  When you concentrate on controlling every aspect of every event of every day, you won’t be able to find more time in each day to get more done.  In order to move forward and get more done, it is necessary to allow someone else step in and be your assistant.  It doesn’t even matter if it is just a few hours a week!  Those few hours will allow you enough time to concentrate on what is important in order for you to grow as a person and a business.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be done perfect!  Being excellent will suffice.

It’s just like we learned in Sunday School as a little child.  The foolish man built his house upon the sand, the rain came tumbling down and the house went flat…because there wasn’t a stable foundation for the home.  But the wise man built his house upon the rocks and that house stood firm!

Allow your business and home to stand firm on a foundation that you build – to live a happy, healthy and organized life.

Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct