One of the greatest things I have learned about myself as I travel this journey, has been the power of my Vibrational broadcast.  Bob Proctor was the first to teach me of this power and I’ve been studying it ever since.

We are vibrational broadcasters, and you can tell at any moment in time where you are vibrating by the way you FEEL.

We are conditioned through life to put our feelings last, to do whatever it takes to make others feel good and to sacrifice ourselves….. even when it means sacrificing our own dreams.

I was 42 years old before I discovered how backwards this paradigm was. Now that I have been able to shift through it, I am able to see the lack mindset this way of thinking creates.

I realized that if I don’t feel good, I have nothing to offer anyone…. and when I feel eager and joyful, those around me are happier, smiling more and hopeful about their own life.

The Universe mirrors back to you what you are vibrating and you have a natural guidance system (Your Emotions) which let you know in any moment what you are broadcasting.

If you are running into the crabby clerk at the coffee shop….. it’s not the clerk that needs an adjustment, it’s You. This rendezvous is a perfect indicator letting you know that your Inner guidance system is working, and detecting something crabby in you.  The good news is…… You have Complete Control over what you vibrate! That means you can change it.

We are not taught this in school, as a matter of fact we are taught to bury our own dreams, ignore our own feelings, and encouraged to not set our sights too high.

There are those who know at a deep level that they can not conform, and they rebel against the squelching of who they are and the creativity within them.  Society has labeled them with Delusions of Grandeur, ADHD, ADD, or any of the other diagnoses from a long list made up by those in authority.

There’s more good news…… You are not defined by the labels that others throw at you.

Your emotions have tremendous power and when you learn to master your own emotions….. You have discovered how to master your own life.

You have total control over your emotions and if you think about it, the only thing you have control over is YOU. What you think, what you feel, what you say……. NO ONE CAN DECIDE THIS STUFF FOR YOU UNLESS YOU GIVE THEM PERMISSION.

We are taught and conditioned to believe that the way others behave determines how we feel, so we try to hold others responsible for our happiness. The truth is YOU are the only one who can decide whether to be happy or not.

You have the ability to feel good no matter what anyone else is doing.  you can’t control others. (anyone who is a parent, child, spouse, employer or employee knows this!) We just don’t believe it!  You can’t control your spouse, You can’t control your co-workers, You can’t control your parents and heaven knows you can’t control your children. The only thing that you have control over is YOU and the way you choose to respond to what others do by the way you choose to feel about it.

If you are interested in learning more about how to master your own emotions and take back your power over your life, I invite you to join me and a group of leading edge thinkers in the Vibration Station Study Lounge on Mind Grow Radio as well as the interactive study group on Facebook.

Life begins when you decide to live it. Make the shift from existing to living….. and step into the brilliance of YOU.


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