It seemed as though I was never going to heal from the fall that caused my jaw to fracture on both sides. Then, almost as soon as I allowed myself to give it time to heal and not beat myself up for falling and to accept that my mind wasn’t as clear as it usually is, I could feel progress being made. It seemed to be made naturally.

My teeth were unwired two and a half weeks ago. I still can’t eat foods that require biting or chewing, and I need to be careful not to open my mouth wide. But for some reason, on Friday (it’s now Sunday), I knew I was going to heal completely. I asked the terrific team that took care of me at the NYU/Bellevue Oral Maxillofacial center to see me an additional time to see how long I’d need to wait to have the bottom teeth, that showed clearly when I opened my mouth to speak, could be recovered. I found out I could do that next week. As long as I was careful not to open my mouth too wide or have pressure on my jaw, I’d be okay.

My spirits rose. Something about having that knowledge must have inspired my jaw, because on Friday I heard it say, “Okay Bobbie, I’m feeling better. Thank you for taking care of me and allowing me to heal.” I needed to learn to trust that my bones knew how to heal. I’d made myself liquid meals for six weeks. Thankfully, I had Isagenix shakes and the powdered greens and other good stuff, and I could buy rice and soy non- dairy ice cream and blend in Avocado and pumpkin, etc., so I wasn’t totally undernourished. Most importantly, I gave myself permission to rest.

Will I ever leave the body I have now? Of course I will. However, now I’m more sure than ever, I’ll leave it when I’m supposed to. I shall certainly take care of myself and shall watch what I do until then. I accept that when I’ve learned what I’m supposed to, I’ll take off peacefully. It may not feel peaceful right before it happens, but I bet it will while I’m en route.

The important thing I got from this (a real BIGGIE for me) is – I realize now, that whatever may appear to be befalling me in life, can be a WIN! With patience and faith I can trust the day will come when I know I will come through it – and – IF I ALLOW MY MIND TO REMAIN PEACEFUL AND LEARN FROM IT, I’LL SEE THAT IT ACTUALLY HELPED ME.