Have you ever felt like a figurine in someone else’s snow globe?  Feeling the lack of ambition as you continue each day to go through the motions of what is expected of you because you feel obligated to play a main part in someone else’s dream?

Many of us feel that way throughout life, but only a rare few stop being a figure in someone else’s snow globe, creating by default and journey into deliberate creation of their own dream.

If this resonates with you in any way, it’s no accident you are reading this… and it’s an opportunity for you to create your own snow globe effect.  This is a powerful game to play, and if you participate in it often… you will discover that you can look into the invisible and grasp onto the incredible.


Create a snow globe in your mind…. an empty crystal ball seen only by your minds eye.  Imagine that this globe holds within it your ideal life.  What does that look like?

Imagine looking into this globe and seeing yourself living the life of your dreams.  What are you doing?  Where are you going? Are you driving or walking?

( Remember this is YOUR creation, and the life within this globe has no limits or boundaries.)

As you gaze with your mind into your creation, observe what the YOU within the globe is feeling.  Are you smiling?  Are you laughing?  Is there someone there with you?  What are you talking about?

You can practice this game anytime you want to, and I recommend you do it many times throughout the day.  Do it in the shower, while brushing your teeth, during lunch, on your way home… do it on purpose, with purpose, and practice it any time it comes to your mind.

What you will discover as you practice using your imagination in this way, is that each time you do it… you are aligning with your creative genius.  Each time you do it deliberately, you are taking another step into the fullest version of YOU.

If you grasp this understanding, you have within your possession the creative power that changes lives and creates worlds.  Use your imagination to create YOUR masterpiece and experience the snow globe effect as a deliberate creator.

Just imagine the possibilities.


Stephanie Kathan

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