Use Physical Practices That Help Your Mind!

When I was young we were taught that exercise was good for us and relaxed us because concentrating on the dance step – or getting the basket ball into the basket – or putting the golf ball into the hole – or winning the rowing competition took our minds off thinking about our cares of the day and taught us “Sportsmanship”.

In Brooklyn in the 1940s we didn’t really think of the physical activity as being used for spiritual growth. Yes, we thought we’d learn about sportsmanship and dealing fairly with others; but we weren’t taught about the effects different movements and different thoughts could have on our cells and how subconscious thoughts could be formed through cellular activity. I’m fascinated by talks on Quantum Physics (as opposed to Newtonian Physics). It wasn’t a “street topic” amongst the girls I knew when I was growing up.

I just got a terrific email from a fellow named Nicholas Ortner – the proponent of “Tapping” to relieve stress and rid us of unnecessary thoughts  (it was actually a repeat email from an earlier time that he’d-sent featuring a video by Dr. Bruce Lipton.) As I said, I don’t know Nick Ortner personally. He has online webinars and counsels people, etc. I don’t work for him or represent him. I do find that his ideas make sense. I’m sharing this with you today because the email had a fellow talking about Quantum Physics and how we can change our subconscious thoughts!  We don’t realize we’re thinking them. They come from teachings we got when we were kids (or later) that stuck with us physically without our even knowing they were there. I bring this up because I’ve found “Tapping’ a wonderful way to rid my body of anxiousness. I realize now that those anxious feelings came from thoughts. Clearing our minds of subconscious thoughts may be the most important thing we can work on if we’re saying YES to ourselves.

I’ve been to David Friedman’s “Thought Exchange “.  I wrote a song with him.  I consider him a friend. He  makes total sense and I’ve seen people who’ve attended his sessions or read his book make great progress toward achieving their dreams.  I’ve been making more and more progress in ridding my mind of thoughts that are counterproductive. They keep me from getting what I want.  Your subconscious thoughts and feelings can keep you from getting what you want.

“Positive Thinking” is a lovely thought. However, when you intentionally put positive thoughts into your mind it’s more than likely other forces will come up – forces that you aren’t aware of – that can keep you from getting the result you’d expect the positive thoughts to produce for you. You can tell yourself, “I’m good looking and intelligent and a lover who is perfect for me is going to walk into my life” – and then, six years later when you haven’t been able to find a loving relationship you think it’s because there must be something not100% about your desirability.  You have subconscious thoughts and body sensations going on that you’re not consciously aware of – until you start looking for them. Those thoughts and or sensations are keeping you from making your positive thought appear real.

Sometimes I catch myself going to the refrigerator at Midnight for one more late night snack – a snack that isn’t in my mini-Qs for night munchies.  I often get home on the late side because I attend many cabaret shows and theater performances.  Thankfully I don’t have foods that are destructive for me in the refrigerator – but – one more “healthy snack” can be over the top for me and I don’t want to make it a nightly occurrence. Then I remember my book and I define the body sensations I’m having (this is from David Friedman’s “Thought Exchange” and I put my hand over my heart as I’m instructed to do at the end of the tapping session I do in the morning – and I’m able to shut the fridge and smile and get ready for bed.  Once again: I don’t work for David Friedman or Nick Ortner. However, I feel compelled to share that if I didn’t have their tpractices to help me I would probably keep eating until 2AM!

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