What? It’s sounds like I’ve gone over the edge with this week’s title!

I had one of the most interesting revelations this week. I was in a spiritual class and we were talking about LOVE in the world. This week’s talk was pretty much confined to Earth.

I didn’t make this technique up so I can’t take credit for it. It certainly brought youth and love to me in a big way.

We were talking about how people can seem unfriendly in the big city. I have to admit that I don’t feel people are unfriendly in New York. Most of the tourists I speak with are surprised by how helpful New Yorkers are. I do, however, understand what was being referred to and I really hadn’t thought about it much, but there are people who seem to be annoyed when I say “Have a good day”, to them in an elevator or in the lobby or laundry room in my building.  These people seem to be to busy to be bothered by a “hello” from little old me.  It reminds me of the days when we “Upper Eastsiders” (the Upper East Side in Manhattan used to be considered “posh”} were very conscious of being like the “Society Ladies” we were expected to be. Ewe, ewe, ewe!  When people snub me I tend to feel I’m less than and must have done something wrong.

This reminds me of last week’s article about dear Colin Lively (now you know who the person I was talking about is) worrying about why a fellow didn’t call him back – and, as it turns out – the fellow had died of an illness shortly following their having met. We rarely know what’s going on in the other guy’s head.  I was thinking that a fellow in my building was too busy or too above me to say “Hi”, while we were both waiting for an elevator. He was probably trying not to appear less than business like. The lack of warm response to me probably has nothing whatsoever to do with me!  It’s all about him.

I realize that when it’s very crowded, many people have a tendency to pull in and not say, “Hello!” or smile as they pass people.  I’ve learned that many people are timid or have been taught to “pull in” when they’re in crowds of strangers or walking down a street in the city.

I thought I wasn’t affected by any of this. Then, when I began testing the advice we were given I couldn’t believe the change inside my heart. This was the most effective thing I’ve practiced in a long time (perhaps for my whole life) in terms of me feeling I wasn’t in any way being shunned by humanity.

I took this lesson out on the street this week and was amazed at the joy I felt just being out there with people.  I usually feel joyful out on the street with people although I must admit sometimes I think the scowling or tight-faced people in the crowd are off putting. I feel that way in suburban shopping malls and parking lots and in small towns too. I know this method of feeling love and loved in the crowd would work anywhere.

So what was this method we were presented with?  We were guided to see the people around us as pets! Pets – as in animals – dogs, cats, parrots, turtles etc.! Guess what happened?  OOOOOOHHHHHH! All the people on the street became adorable.  I mean ADORABLE. Even the angry ones looked like little (or, even big) dogs that felt penned up in their cages.  The faces on these people suddenly looked like pet mongrel doggies that were holding back a bark and wrinkling up their faces.  I wanted to put my nose right up against theirs and rub their snout with my snout as I’d shake my head quickly and lick their little tongue as they’d pant.  One fairly elderly Asian woman was staring straight ahead.  Her eyes were totally devoid of emotion and her mouth was closed tightly with her cheeks slightly pulled in. In the past I’d have thought she was an angry pathetic person.

I got such a warm and wonderful a feeling that’s hard to explain.  Suddenly, I saw the world saying, “YES” to me and guess what?  I was suddenly saying YES to me!  Whenever I’m feeling people are shutting me out or I’m a bit down on myself – I’m going to think “Woof! Woof!”