David Friedman

Some years ago I was blessed to become friends with one of the most brilliant, intuitive humans I’ve met. I’ve taken many seminars and read practically all the books written on the topic of “positive thinking” that were written, beginning with Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. Positive Thinking seemed to make sense to me and it sounded good. Why then, did I keep hearing people, in the courses I was taking and who read the books and seen the videos – still “kvetch” (that’s Yiddish for complain”) about one or more aspects of their lives? Why wasn’t I quite getting  all that I was going for.  I took EST and Life Spring and you name it. They had their great points and I did get a lot in my life – but still not all the legitimate things I kept affirming.

David produced all of famed cabaret singer Nancy LaMott's CD's and wrote many of her most beloved songs.

I knew of David Friedman as a great Broadway musical conductor,  choral director and songwriter for Disney and musical director for the highly acclaimed cabaret singer, Nancy LaMott. I met him briefly in the early 90s at one of Nancy’s performances. I didn’t know of his other genius until close to a decade later.

When I first heard David explain his theory, about the reason Positive Thinking alone rarely gets the job done, I knew he’d nailed it!  It made perfect sense to me.  I’ve since discovered that his theory works!  I sometimes forget to use it and as soon as I do – whammo! You can learn all about it in the book he wrote explaining his theory and how you can use it to get what you want. The book is called simply,  “Thought Exchange”.

He does begin by having you express what it is you want and seeing yourself getting it.  This is “Positive Thinking”.  Then you begin work on the “Positive Thinking” school’s missing link.  It’s this missing link that’s been standing in your way.   The link seems obvious once we think about it – but we weren’t taught to think about it. What we weren’t taught before David came up with the way to teach us is that “Body Sensations” come up when we go for what we really want. David isn’t talking about the sensation of Fear, or Timidity, or Joy or whatever. He wisely lets us know that these terms are names we give to the body sensations.  Not everyone names the same sensations in the same manner. What is “FEAR” to one person entering an airplane is “EXHILERATION” to another.  A beating pulse and heart and a tight stomach can mean “Oh God I bet this plane’s going to crash!” to one person while to another person it can mean, “Oh wow! My heart is pounding. I’m so exited! It’s the perfect day for my perfect sky dive!”

These sensations are most often body memories of sensations we had as a child when someone told us we couldn’t do what we dreamed of doing. Did anyone ever tell you just to “mouth” the song or not bother trying out for the school baseball team because your chances of your making it were slim?  One person’s sensation might be a tight stomach and another’s a tingling under the jaw line, etc. So, we do anything to stop the sensations from bothering us and we don’t go to the singing audition or try out for the team. We don’t need to avoid the sensations to protect us as an adult, but we’re not even aware that the sensations we’re experiencing are occurring until we pay attention to them. David will help you learn how to describe your sensations and – this is important – how to not try to get rid of them, but just allow them to be there, as you go for what you want. He’ll help you change your thought to “I’m going for it and I’ll get it!” and really get it!

David says it better than I do. The Thought Exchange is available on Amazon and other sites and in stores.  I’m also an author of a book written to help people, so when I see an idea that can help you “Say YES To YOU” as much as David Friedman’s “Thought Exchange” does, I feel compelled to share it.