Allow Yourself Special Online Chat Minutes

I’ve mentioned that answering emails in the morning has been found to take up precious needed time from who tend to nurture others before nurturing themselves. That said, there are moments online that can really add to your life. We didn’t have any knowledge of cyberspace when I was growing up. We didn’t even have phones with answering machines. You had to be home when the call came in to know a call came in.  Allow yourself chat minutes!

How blessed we are now to be able to communicate with people we know who are far away – AND – bring new people into our lives using sites like Here Women Talk.

I’m still in awe of what happened to me today.  As you well know, Here Women Talk is located in The South and I live in New York City. I saw what seemed like (and turned out to be) a very interesting talk with Janet Richards, a writer and how she was succeeding. As I was reading a “chat box” appeared and a message that said something like, “Hello Bobbie. I believe I saw that you were from New York City” appeared – and I the conversation began.

Not only did it turn out that we both lived in New York, but we saw that we, also, had many goals in common.

Now, are you sitting down?  It turns out that wonderful Vinanti “Vani” Sarkar and I both live in Manhattan and that she lives on 51st Street and First Avenue and I live on 36th Street and First Avenue! The UN is between us on First Avenue.

We’ve both attended UN events and are friendly with people who work there.  I’m a songwriter/performer and producer as well as an Image Consultant and Vinanti is a filmmaker who is interested in uniting women – helping them break down the barriers psychologically set up between them by societies teachings.  (I would call them “false” teachings) We’re both interested in bringing out the “positive” in people.

Of course, we got a way to contact each other directly and promptly made a date to meet in the neighborhood, so we could get to know each other.

We met yesterday and had the most delightful talk in the UN Hotel followed by an even more delightful lunch together.  I would have most likely never have met Vini if it weren’t for the fact that I went onto the Here Women Talk site.

If something really interests you I think that one of the things the “You That You Are” was put on Earth to do is to find out as much as you can about it. There have been times in my life that I’ve held off taking the time to study something because I thought I didn’t have the time to do it.  I’ve learned that scheduling studies that interest me into my day – granted, after I’ve completing the necessities of my and the things I said I’d do – very often help me get the “necessities” accomplished on a higher level. I’ve been shifting some of my thoughts about what to emphasize in my Image Consulting practice to placing the most emphasis on ensuring clients that they will know they a magnificent looking and worthy of the best. Yes, it’s important to know that knowing your style and palettes that best harmonize with your skin tone are a great help in getting a “Yes” at the interview or a second date with the fellow after the first date. However, the results will come when you really “get” it in your sole that you are a magnificent work of art (whatever your physical limitations may be) and you can show that work of art off because you own your gloriousness.

My meeting with Vini and hearing about the work she does crystalized my need to put this on the top of the list for people I work with.

If you happen to read this posting and you haven’t been paying attention to the Here Women Talk chats – or your college online chats – or chats your industry might have on Linked In – etc – that might enhance your life start Saying Yes to YOU and give yourself this gift.  By the way – meeting new and interesting positive people will help keep you youthful. I share this because I know it helps me.

I give it to myself later in the day, when my mind knows it needs a break from concentrating on what I set out to do for the particular day. Then after Saying Yes to Me by giving myself this gift if there is a bit of time I can get to the “help others” tasks I would like to do.